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We are a group of marine seafarers

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our courses

Basic STCW

STCW stands for Standard Training Certificate of Watch Keeping.

  • Proficiency in survival craft & Rescue Boat other than First Rescue Boat.
  • Advanced Fire Fighting.
GP Rating

GP Rating Course Stands for General purpose Rating Course.

Saloon Rating

Ratings programs have always been very popular among merchant navy aspirants. Ratings courses trains candidates and makes them capable of taking up a relevant job (related to their rating) aboard a merchant navy ship.

B.Sc. Nautical Science

This course will lead the candidates to become the Captain of the ship. Captain of the ship is also referred as Master mariner. On successful completion of this pre-sea training, the candidates are eligible to become nautical Deck Cadets on board a ship.

Electro Technical Officer

Marine Electro Technical Officer Course (As per STCW 2010) (Without High voltage) is a 16-17 weeksresidential programme. Successful candidates will be given DGS Approved Course Completion certificate, INDOS No., STCW Course Certificates and Indian CDCs

Marine Engineering

A marine engineer is a professional who has studied marine engineering (sometimes also called maritime engineering) and is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repair of all major mechanical and engineered equipment on board a ship.

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